Weatherly Casting LLC



Tony Badamo, President, Hazleton Casting Company and Weatherly Casting and Machine Company, Weatherly, PA is pleased to announce the opening of the Hazleton Casting Center for Additive Manufacturing (HCC-AM).  At the center of HCC-AM operations is a Viridis 3D RAM123 robotic 3D sand printer. This exciting technology can take a CAD file and create molds and cores literally in hours, without the need for hard tooling. Combining additive manufacturing with predictive simulation software creates unparalleled flexibility in foundry operations. Molds and cores produced through additive methods can now be designed with little or no regard for the constraints of traditional foundry methods. 

Coupling the technologies of casting simulation with 3D printing provides fast turnaround for prototype castings. Casting design changes can be implemented in real time without the delay of hard tooling alteration reducing product development cost and time. HCC-AM printed molds and cores also offer an affordable, efficient, near net shape option for specialty equipment manufacturers who traditionally utilize subtractive manufacturing methods to create parts from bar stock and billet.

Integrating 3D printing with traditional HCC foundry operations into a hybrid casting process promises to transform metal casting by providing cost effective design solutions cast in any of the many alloy systems we produce.  

Contact Greg Maduro (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Sales Engineer, to learn more or to discuss your next project.